Local Authority Searches

For each search we provide:

 Site location plan

 Search of the register

 Full local search Information against all CON29 questions

 Planning and buildings information - not only for the searched property but for land and  property within a 25 metre radius

 All policies and constraints within the local area

 Part II enquiries where required

 Thorough examination and qualification of all data

 Hard copy and/or email copy

 Fast turn around time of 3 working days from receipt of payment (Council permitting)

Other Searches

FastSearch provide a host of other search information services from same-day Environmental and Flood searches to Drainage and Water reports. A full list can be found on our
"Request a Search"
 page on this site.


We work effectively and diligently on your behalf to ensure high quality standards are always maintained and always cross check each report for extra validation.

The Order Process

This could not be easier. We are able to accept orders online - direct from
"Request a Search" on this website.


We will confirm your order within one working day of receipt and commence the search process immediately. We are always available to provide you with a progress update whenever you need it.